Brownfield 4H Public Speaking results

We had our Brownfield CRR Multi-Club public speaking on February 11 at the Brownfield Community Centre. The results were as follows.

Junior speeches: Tyler Craigie got third, Mya Cole got second and Meadow Cole got first.

Junior presentations: Yvonne Black got second and Krystalee Huber got first.

Intermediate speeches: Wade Black got third, Jeremy Burkinshaw got second and Simon Cole got first.

Senior speeches: Colton Black got third, Amber Burkinshaw got second and Isaac Cole got first.

Senior Presentations: Dustin Kroeker got second and Jaydon Huber got first.

The emcee was Tanner Black and the judges were Harvey Bargholz, Diane Elliott, Jean Adair, Kathy Thomas, Carmen Breidal, AL Richardson, Carolyn McCracken, Carmen Fearnley and Raelyn Callaway.

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