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The Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics released on June 10 its long-awaited report into Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government’s WE Charity scandal. 

The report outlines, in detail, how Justin Trudeau and the Liberals used their connections for the financial benefit of their friends and family. 

The corruption of this Prime Minister and Government are reprehensible and changes to the system must be made to prevent further ethical contraventions.

In large part, due to the work of Conservative members of the committee, answers were found on aspects of the WE Charity scandal that dominated headlines much of last year. 

The committee found WE spent thousands to produce and promote campaign-style advertising for Justin Trudeau, paid and provided travel for members of the Prime Minister’s family, and saw the lines between lobbying and the rules blurred. 

The result was the Government awarding the organization a half-billion-dollar sole source government contract with limited accountability. 

Not only was this a massive abuse of tax dollars and influence but it also led to thousands of students being denied promised funding, something still felt by Canadian students out of work because of the pandemic. Read the full report at:

The pattern of unethical conduct from the Trudeau Liberals documented in the report speaks for itself. 

In their attempt to hide the truth from Canadians, Liberals misled the Committee, sealed documents and used every tool at their disposal to cover up their corruption. 

On top of all of this, when Bill Morneau was fired for his role in the WE scandal, Justin Trudeau shut down Parliament, at a time when democracy was desperately needed, as a last-ditch effort to hide from this scandal. 

Further, the report highlights how Canada’s lobbying and ethics laws need bolstering in the shadow of the WE scandal and numerous other ethical abuses that have come to light over the last six years.

Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to fight corruption in Ottawa. By creating new anti-corruption laws to fill the gaps that currently exist and by strengthening the laws currently in place. 

We need to ensure people who use the system for their own selfish gain are held to account. 

Canadians need to be able to trust their Government, and without changes, the deterioration of accountability in Ottawa will have devastating consequences at a time when trust in government is already very limited.

Parliamentary democracy provides Canadians with the representation they need to live in a fair and just society. 

I will always stand up for accountability, good governance, and ensure those in power who abuse the system face the consequences. 

If you have further suggestions as to how to best do this, please feel free to reach out.


Damien Kurek, MP

Battle River-Crowfoot Constituency

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