Bridges aging in the county

It’s getting so we have to do more [bridges] each year as all our bridges are getting old,” said Bryce Cooke, Director of Public Works at the regular County of Paintearth council meeting on Wed. Jan. 4.
Cooke noted that the Bulwark Cemetery bridge needs to be posted ‘3 ton only’ as the sub-structure is failing in the 64 year old bridge.
Cooke is looking at different options including replacing the bridge with one or two culverts or purchasing a Jimbob bridge.
Cooke presented some rough estimates but will continue to investigate for costs and long term solutions. A 60 ft. Jimbob bridge is $95,000 and $10,000 for delivery while  putting in a culvert would be $280,000 with most of the cost being in dirt to  move.
Council asked for different prices on 60 ft. Jimbob bridges up to 100 ft.
“I’d like to replace them [bridges] all with culverts but the cost is in the dirt work,” said CAO Tarolyn Aaserud.
Development permits were down to $3.5 million in 2016, down from five to eight million in previous years.  2016 saw two subdivisions, eight towers for internet, bat towers and telecom, a number of residences and solar installations.
Land Use By-law ‘Schedule A’ received first reading and will come back to council.  Some changes include more under AUC Rule 12, Noise Control, new residential developments near existing wind farms and development of Park Models and Seacan residences.  Other changes are made for more clarity.
Reeve George Glazier reported on the 911 Society stating the requisition has to go up this year to $6.40.
Last year was quite a bit cheaper because of the $72,000 cushion and taking some capital out to offset the cost of the $3 requisition per capita that was last year.
The agreement with the worker’s union was three years behind so had to go retroactive but now we are three years ahead, said Glazier.
Glazier noted they are now trying to work out a 911 back up centre with Lloydminster using the new monies now be realized from the cell phone charges.
Coun. Diane Elliott informed council that the Paintearth-Neutral Hills Early Childhood Coalition “can go forward for another year” has they have received their grant funding again for 2017.
Councillors Elliott and Brian Bunbury noted from the Coronation Handibus Society meeting that their small 2003 van is “getting to the point where it’s starting to two-bit us” with repairs, said Bunbury, noting that it has 217,000 kilometres.
It’s a report for down the road a couple of years, said Elliott but the Society is starting to look for donations, grants, etc. now.
Paintearth council agreed to contribute $5,000 to the Coronation Homecoming Committee for plans including fireworks on July 1.

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