Bridge tender accepted

Three bridges within Paintearth will be getting minor touchup repairs after tenders were accepted by council.

The Lake Thelma bridge, Gose Bridge and Rodvang Bridge were scheduled to have these minor repairs completed by Oct. 31, 2019 and were approved for $300,000 but the completion date was moved a year to allow for better prices to come through.

This was done because the Alberta Government was expected to be giving out less contracts, therefore companies would be more eager to work at a lower price.

Four tenders were received with a price ranging from $271,570 to $506,670 but The lowest bid from Volker Stevin Highway ltd. in Calgary for $271,570 was accepted.

Public Works Director Bryce Cooke felt they do ‘very good work’ for being relatively new to the bridge repair game.

“We have not done work with Volker Stevin for any projects within the county but were praised by our engineers of doing quality work,” said Cooke in his recommendation to council.

The Weber Bridge has reached the end of its life expectancy.

Council agreed to begin the tendering process for the engineering of a design for a brand new structure which would be ready for construction in 2020.

Paintearth has already set aside $60,000 for the design in last year’s budget but there will be an additional $60,000 for tendering and on-site supervision as the construction on the new bridge will have a 50-60 year life span made of steel.

The current one was built in 1962 and has been found to no longer be serviceable.

Construction costs run as high as an estimated $959,000 total which comes in slightly lower than the budgeted price of $1M.

New equipment on horizon

It was a great day for public works as a number of new equipment was approved for purchase by County of Paintearth council at their regular meeting on Wed. Feb. 19.

This included two new 2500 series 4×4 crew cab pickups from Stettler Dodge for $99,363, over $15,000 less than what was budgeted as well as two Caterpillar 160 M3 AWD graders and a new $221,0000 hydraulic excavator for culvert installations.

The county will be waiting roughly five months to receive the graders that cost $1.15 Million.

They will sell any old units mentioned at an upcoming auction sale.

Final ICF complete

Halkirk is the last community on the County of Paintearth’s list and with a final motion from council, has completed the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework’s (ICF) process.

The province mandated each municipality coordinate with bordering countries to come up with a form of dispute resolution and avenues of procedure for other items.


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