Brearly appointed as new Coronation fire chief

Chris Brearly
Written by Terri Huxley

Chris Brearly

It was ‘highly recommended’ by both the former fire chief and administration to accept Chris Brearly as Coronation’s newest fire chief.

He previously served as the deputy fire chief for over six years.

On Dec. 7, 2020, former Coronation fire chief Keith Rindal, provided his letter of resignation to the town.

Administration was comfortable accepting  Brearley for a number of reasons including appropriate training, credentials and has worked well with administration in the past, especially during emergencies.

“When issues arise, Mr. Brearley pays attention to detail and diligently acquires the correct information and resolves the problems quickly and professionally,” stated the administration report.

“Mr. Brearley primarily focuses on the department’s relationship within the community and has gone above and beyond to ensure public safety measures are in place to protect our residents. 

“Mr. Brearley is actively involved with recruiting new members and has also been highly engaged with all fire department members’ training.”

He came to the fire department with a background of firefighting in Australia and is well versed in the requirements of structure fires, overland grass fires, and is certified to assist on medical assist calls.

“Mr. Brearley is eager to help build on stronger community ties, help to influence membership growth and to build on future fundraising events to ensure that all volunteer members are adequately equipped to complete their task at hand. 

“The town administration is eager to make a new path forward with the leadership of Mr. Brearley at the helm of our department.”

At the regular meeting on Dec. 21, 2020, council discussed the vital matter of appointing a new fire chief in a closed session.

Requests from the administration to nominate a new fire chief to the Coronation Fire Department were accepted and reviewed.

It was then moved by Coun. Brigley to appoint a new fire chief at the Jan. 25, 2021 regular meeting.


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