Break in at Alix Post Office

Unknown individual(s) broke into the Alix Post office, collecting various pieces of mail on the evening of Tues, Sept. 10.

A Canada Post employee alerted the RCMP when they discovered the disturbances in the building.

They attended the scene and conducted an examination, collecting some evidence in the process.

“At this point we do not have any suspects, we are continuing the investigation utilizing the CCTV systems in the area,” said Bashaw Staff Sgt. Bruce Holliday

The post office and RCMP are working together to determine who’s mail has been taken.

RCMP have also notified other post offices within the jurisdiction of the break in so they are extra vigilant.


Lougheed suspicious activity


The owners of Smith’s Equipment Sales in Lougheed, Alta. were alerted to suspicious activity on their lot at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Mon. Sept. 16.

A royal blue four-door ford truck with a small cargo trailer was observed pulling up to the front door of the business close to the BadBoy lawnmowers.

The vehicle then went and parked on the side of the building and turned off the headlights. By that time, the owners responded and the vehicle sped off south on range road 114.

The vehicle was spotted about a mile down that road, scoping out other yards and fled again when they knew they were spotted.

The owners would like to point out that this appears to be a repeat visitor, as the truck was also the subject of a 3 a.m. visit in July.

It is a unique colour blue for a Ford Truck. If anyone recognizes the vehicle description please call the RCMP.

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