BrahmaRama a different sort of rodeo

Jennifer Chernishenko
ECA Review Reporter

Elnora was the site of some highly entertaining events on August 10 and 11 for the 14th Annual Elnora BrahmaRama. Cindy Cameron, who helped organize the event, said “it went very well, the weather was excellent and everything was a success.”
There was a pancake breakfast and rodeo events each day.
On Friday, events included the tub race, steer riding, wild pony races and the bull futurity.
For the tub races, each team raced to win the prize money. Teams consisted of four people to move the tub and one person sitting in it. The first thing they had to do was pour three large buckets of water into the tub. Next, they pulled and pushed their decked-out tubs in a figure eight pattern around two barrels. Finally they raced up the street and through the water sprayed with fire hoses.

In first place was the Delburne fire department. They won $200. The team also won $100 for being the best looking.
One of the other unique events at the BrahmaRama was the bull futurity event. Some of the top contractors in Alberta entered their two year old bulls to be marked by six experienced judges. The bulls had a box strapped to their back to simulate having a rider that was popped off by a remote control at the end of six seconds.  
Events were changed up a little for Saturday with crowds getting to watch the lil’ tykes rodeo – which included stick horse rodeo events, wild pony races and the steer riding finals. Top placement in the steer riding event went to Kole Ashbacher.
As a grand finale to the weekend, 13 pro bull riders took to the arena. Each of the riders were given two chances to score.
Results were: 1st – Tyler Pankewitz, 169 points on two bulls, 2nd – Kyle Lozier, 85 points on one, 3rd – Matt Triplett, 81.5 on one and 4th – Reid Lozier, 71.5 on one.

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