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Dear Editor,
I recently read a library book which asked the reader to ponder what it means to be a good ancestor- whether our actions in life will allow future generations to consider us as a good ancestor to them.

Today, I ask the board members of the Bashaw Library Board to reflect on your legacy. Are your recent actions and decisions, accomplishments which your descendants can look back on with pride?

When future generations look at your decision to let community advocate, literacy lover, tireless volunteer and long time library manager Cindy Hunter be let go from your organization just days before Christmas with no warning, how will they view that action as serving our community and the people within it?

I urge each board member to sit, meditate and reflect on your legacy.

The decision to remove Cindy Hunter from your library after more than 17 years of service, is your legacy in our community. Whether you vocally supported and championed this decision of your board, or if you voiced your neutrality or disagreement through silence and inaction: both actions are ultimately a vote in favour of this board decision.

The website for the Bashaw Library Board, states three major roles, one of which is to advocate. You state “The Board acts as a bridge between the community and the library. The Board promotes the library to the community and encourages everyone to use its collections, programs and services.”

There are currently children, families and seniors grieving the dismissal of their favourite employee. These patrons have now vowed to never step foot in your library again because of the decision you made and endorsed.

And if, after personal reflection, you still believe this is an action you support wholeheartedly, a decision that makes you a good ancestor, then so be it.

However, I want you to know that I’ve speculated on how my support of your organization will reflect on myself as a good ancestor, and that’s why I’ve decided to boycott your library despite my previous 25 plus years of patronage and advocacy for it.

I believe that to be a good ancestor, I should only uphold community organizations that prioritize the needs, desires and values of our community.

Devon Hunter
Meeting Creek, Alta.

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