Box stores blow my budget

I don’t think those large wholesale stores are good for me. Whenever I shop there I come out with aching feet and a messed up budget. Yes, I know those stores are suppose to save me money and they would if I had a more flexible budget.  I don’t,  so I have to be careful and remember that sometimes I can’t afford to go cheap.

For example water filters for my water jug, buying the large box of them at the wholesale store would save me 50 cents per filter, but I would have to spend twice what I had planned. When you have x amount of dollars set aside for an item where do you take the other x amount of dollars needed from?

The large quantities are another thing that doesn’t always work for me, especially in the grocery section. Many of the products are a very reasonable price but they would be outdated long before I could finish them.

I know many things could be repacked and frozen and this would save money in the long run but then we are back to messing up the budget.  If I buy one of their large roasts I can make two or three out of it but it takes a chunk out of the meat budget and I could end up having nothing but roast to eat for that month.

Then they tempt me with all those great things that I don’t really need but sure would like to have. I had to slap my hands and give myself a stern “no” when I saw a set of dishes in the color that I really liked.

The worst for me is the book section. I have absolutely no willpower in the book section of any store, so when I get into one that has the books I have been wanting and they are even cheaper than I can get on my e-reader, well, goodbye budget.

There are some things that are such a good deal that you have to buy them because if you don’t you will kick yourself later. I found a large jug of baking cocoa for about one dollar more than a small can had cost me; and about a years worth of dishwasher detergent tabs for the price of three months worth.

Before I go back to that store I am going to plan ahead for it. Maybe by the time I need more cocoa or dishwasher tabs I will have saved enough money to be able to really take advantage of a store like that.

Until then I will be baking brownies and doing dishes.

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