Boulevards on 1st Avenue West will be fixed by village staff

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Delia council motioned to correct the boulevard along 1st Ave. West at the request of Heide Peterson of Mother Mountain Tea House.
The boulevard is usually the responsiblity of the property owner however the construction deficiencies when the street was paved created very steep boulevards.
Ultimately the boulevard is village property, so liability issues would fall on the Village.
At a residents request, Village staff will correct the boulevard issues by installing steps done up to code requirements.
Council passed first reading of the AltaGas Franchise Agreement with a term of 10 years and an initial franchise rate of 12 per cent.
The franchise fee represents only revenue to the Village at approximately $1100 per every one per cent charged. The previous agreement was at 11 per cent, which falls in line with other similar sized villages.
The fee amount can be
Council approved approval to place a legacy table in the campground as part of the Canada 150 committee, through the Delia & District Ag Society and will also donate $150 to the committee in support of their efforts.
Council is starting a strategic planning process slated for August 30 and will carry into future meetings with Council after the fall municipal elections.
Council also approved an addition to the budget of up to $2000 to update the 2008 Infrastructure study.
Once the study is completed, council will have a better idea of infrastructure and capital requirements to consider moving forward.
Mayor Dawn Bancroft reported on Community Futures and Drumehller Seniors Foundation meetings and Deputy Mayor John Rogers reported on the Henry Kroeger Water Commission meeting he had attended.
Councillor Jordan MacNutt reported on the Fall Fair/Canada 150 celebration meeting.

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