Boulevard maintenance

The Community Standards Bylaw was passed in the second and final readings by a vote of 4 – 1 at the regular council meeting on Mon. June 10.

Coun. Vickey Horkoff voted against the motion.

This change was in response to a concern that had been raised regarding who is responsible for the maintenance for boulevards and maintenance standards.

The new bylaw states that the boulevard adjacent to the landowner or occupant must keep any grass cut and remove the accumulation of fallen leaves and other debris.

Fines are $50 for the first offence, $100 for the second offence within the same year, and $200 in third and subsequent offences within one year.

Grade 6 class visit

Mrs. Pasolli’s Coronation Grade 6 class attended the council meeting as part of their Social Studies curriculum.

They came armed with questions and ideas for council.

One issue raised was the unsafe abandoned and derelict buildings with mold.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk explained to the class regarding costs involved in removing these buildings.

An example she gave was the large house on the corner Norfolk Avenue and Arthur Street in Coronation where the attic caved in spreading asbestos throughout the entire house.

“We had a company come in and give us an estimate,” said CAO Kulyk.

“Every bit [of powdered asbestos] has to be gathered up, bagged, hauled away, then they have to vacuum, bag that up and haul it away and then they have to put glue on any surface of wood or hard surface and then they can tear it down.

“They were talking over $100,000 to do that,” she concluded.

“Trust me,” said Mayor Mark Stannard, “if we could take all of them down, we would,” added Mayor Stannard.

Other issues discussed included making the dock at the Coronation dam more stable and bigger so more people could be on them at one time; an off-leash two-part pet park for not only dogs but cats too; having a bigger GaGa pit as classrooms use the one located near the swimming pool and it would be nicer to have a bigger one so lots of kids could play and a second one on grass so that knuckles don’t get scraped.

“That one was $600 and it was donated to the town from the FCSS,” said Mayor Stannard.

Coun. Horkoff found that bigger ones are available.

She questioned the class if it would be better to have two pits.

Last year’s Grade 6 class had requested that the basketball hoops and nets be fixed and the town obliged.

This year’s class requested that the one located in the mobile home park be repaired while another student commented on potholes in the outfield.


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