Borrowing for major infrastructure project

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Delia council passed first reading of Bylaw 631-2018 as the first step toward securing a loan to finance a much needed potable water reservoir expansion project at their June 14 regular meeting.
The village’s five year capital budget lists four outstanding infrastructure projects including the water reservoir expansion, lagoon upgrades, sidewalk replacements and various street upgrades.
The reservoir expansion sitting at number one on the priority list.
Mayor Sisley acknowledged, “We don’t have the capacity if we have a major issue such as a fire.”
The water reservoir expansion project will double the capacity of the reservoir, replace the standby pump and add a backup generator for emergencies.
With an estimated cost of $1,496,000 for the project, the village originally applied for federal funding in 2006.
The Federal Clean Water and Wastewater grant will cover 50 per cent of eligible costs up to a maximum of $537,500.
The grant is only good for the water reservoir project to the end of March 2019.
With a Starland Water Project grant, which could contribute $250,000 toward the project, plus money budgeted out of the 2018 MSI Capital Grant, the village portion of this project amounts to approximately $550,000.
According to the CAO Mark Nikota’s report, the loan would not change the village’s operating budget for the next four years.
The budget could handle the interest payments and annual balloon payments against the principal would be covered by future MSI Capital Grants which amount to a total of $740,420 over the next five years.
Council directed the CAO to put together an information package to inform ratepayers.
“We want to communicate our capital plan with the residents,” said Deputy Mayor Dawn Bancroft. “Citizens need to know what the water project is all about.”
The information will go out with the next water bill.
Council will consider holding an open house to explain the project to residents.

Strategic Plan 2017-2020
A meeting has been scheduled for June 28 to review and finalize Delia’s Strategic Plan.
Council began the strategic planning process in 2017 by identifying priority objectives and areas to work toward.
In April 2018, a town hall meeting was held to gather public feedback and input.
Administration has compiled the raw data gathered from council and the results from the April 4 town hall into a draft plan for the council to review.
Council will set priorities in order of most importance, clarify some of the actions and assign actions to those responsible for carrying them forward before sharing the finalized plan with the public.

Marigold representative appointment
Council decided to appoint both Coun. Jordon MacNutt and Deputy Mayor Dawn Bancroft to represent Delia on the Marigold Library System board.
This will be a rotating position with Coun. MacNutt being appointed as the primary representative.

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