Board agrees to support playground

Prairie Land Regional Division

Audra Limpert from Hanna Primary School requested approximately $60,000 on behalf of the Hanna Community School Enhancement (HCSE) from the Prairie Land Regional Division (PLRD) at their meeting on Thurs. Apr. 28 for the new playground equipment project currently in the works in the Town of Hanna.

The new equipment has a total price tag of $232,265.29. To date, $60,000 has already been raised for the project through the efforts of HCSE and with the $60,000 requested of the school division, that allows for the potential of applying for a matching government grant which should cover the entire cost of the project.

Following Limpert’s presentation there was a great deal of discussion surrounding the request.

The board shared varying opinions over providing these dollars. Some trustees felt the $60,000 should be provided “in-kind” while other trustees urged the board to remember that the $60,000 currently raised was already provided by the community.

Another trustee was also of the opinion that if HCSE had not taken on the playground equipment project, the entire lump sum, not to mention all the logistics of the project, would have fallen into the PLRD lap.

Therefore a $60,000 cost was merely around $3,000 a year over the playground lifespan of approximately 20 years.

Council agreed to give the amount of $60,000 in a letter of intent, including in-kind work to be funded through unsupported building school components.

Lengthy in-camera discussion
The PLRD spent over four hours “in-camera” to discuss the agenda items listed as superintendent evaluation, deputy superintendent position, 2016-2017 staffing and compensation review.

Following the in-camera discussion the ECA Review was provided with notes on the private meeting that included a motion being passed by the Board of Trustees to adopt the 2016-2017 staffing budget.

A combination of stable funding in addition to a small increase in student enrollment has allowed the Board to maintain staffing levels throughout the division.

No other details on the in-camera discussion have been provided at this time.

Delia School modernization
In response to the PLRD Capital Plan for 2016-2018, the Delia School modernization was identified by Alberta Education for additional project scoping, in the form of a Value Management Assessment (VMA).
The VMA was held on April 18 and 19 at the Delia School with representatives from Alberta Education, Alberta Infrastructure, staff, students and parents from Delia School, PLRD trustees and administration.

Discussion at the VMA was held regarding two wings of the school which were identified for demolition with the remaining areas of the school possibly being modernized.

Funding by the Ministry has not yet been allocated to this point.

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