Big Valley sidewalks move up the priority list

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Administration presented council with the results of a comprehensive sidewalk inspection at the May 25 council meeting, recommending amendments to future year sidewalk budgets.
Previous capital budgets have prioritized sewer replacement, repairs and relining ahead of sidewalks.
Only one major sewer repair is needed at this time and though other sewer mains could use some work, they are currently in fair condition and do not pose a hazard.
Current sidewalk allocations sit at $15,000 for 2018, $8,000 for 2019, $16,000 for 2020 and $16,000 for 2021.
To remove and replace one block of sidewalk costs between $20,000 and $30,000.
At a rate of one section of sidewalk per year, it would take 10 years before all sections identified would be complete and by that time there could be more areas to repair.
Administration recommended that council make amendments to the future year sidewalk budget and plan to spend $75,000 to $85,000 in 2018 to deal with the most urgent needs.
During the May sidewalk inspection, administration and public works weighed factors such as trip hazards and traffic levels to determine repair and replacement priorities.
Council accepted administration recommendations to amend the sidewalk budget in order to deal with these badly needed repairs and replacements.

Tiny House subdivision update
Council has decided not to modify the Tiny House Subdivision Architectural Guidelines to allow for Park Models.
According to information gathered from building inspectors, park models are basically classified as RVs from a building codes perspective.
Though they have to be factory inspected, they do not meet the requirements of Alberta Safety Codes in several areas such as windows, furnace, insulation and fire detection.
Council had considered amending the architectural guidelines to allow park models, not wanting to lose possible lot sales, but with this additional information, they unanimously agreed to stick with their original intent and build a tiny house district, not an RV park.

RCAF flyby
Mayor Ken Johnson and members of the Rails & Tales committee are endeavouring to get a “flyby” from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).
Discussions are underway to arrange for the RCAF to fly over Big Valley during the June 28 to July 5 Rails & Tales Exposition.
Flybys by RCAF aircraft are carefully planned and closely controlled for public safety.
Residents and the general public will be kept informed as details of the event are confirmed.

Village map
An interpretive map showcasing the many attractions to be found in Big Valley will soon be erected in the village.
The project, derived from Big Valley’s Strategic Plan approved at the Jan. 26, 2017 council meeting, is part of the village’s continuing beautification and infrastructure improvement strategies.
Planned to be installed in a prominent location, the map will help visitors find their way around the village more easily.

Canadian Northern lease
Village council authorized administration to begin the process to renew the lease agreement with the Canadian Northern Society for the use of the lands occupied by the train station.
A detailed review of the property is needed in order to clearly delineate the property boundaries before an agreement can be finalized.

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