Big Valley drafts animal trapping policy

Big Valley council worked out some details of a new Animal trapping policy at their Mar. 24 regular meeting.

The policy deals with trapping nuisance animals like feral cats, skunks or other wildlife. However some residents have expressed concern that the traps may end up catching domestic cats.

As CAO Michelle White explained, unless the village has a policy in place, they really have no authority to trap or deal with nuisance animals.

“We’re wanting, primarily, the right to catch the feral cats,” stated Mayor Lois Miller.
How to determine whether a cat is feral or domestic is a problem. As well, controlling trapping conditions, like weather or where a trap is placed, are also being worked out.

The village has two traps available to the public.

Council is looking for any feedback residents can provide in formulating the policy.
“It’s a work in progress,” stated Coun. Sandra Schell.

Lots for sale
Council will go ahead with testing the real estate market by listing a few village owned serviced lots with a realtor. The lots are zoned for mobile homes and were chosen because they are serviced and sale ready.

The village owns a number of lots that are currently unserviced. Of those, some are serviceable while others are either too difficult to access or too expensive to service.

CAO Michelle White will bring back numbers on the cost to get the more desirable lots serviced but in the mean time, the sale ready lots will be listed for six months.

Water volumes high
The village has been monitoring high volumes of water moving through the septic system and wants to remind residents that it is illegal to connect sump pumps to the septic system. The extra volume is taxing the lift station, which has required monitoring several times per day to keep the system operating properly.

Bylaw 801 – Water and Sewer states that anyone found with a sump pump connected to the septic system will receive a $100 fine for the first infraction, $250 for the second and $500 for the third.

Village in ‘healthy’ shape
A new ‘self check’ survey tool is available on the Municipal Affairs website for municipalities looking to determine the overall health of their community.

Council worked through the eight topics of the survey, which covers everything from financial stability to community well being. The results help councils to focus on areas that need work and celebrate areas of achievement.

Big Valley residents are welcome to drop by the village office to view the survey results.

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