Big question mark

Dear Editor,
I believe in voting but like Herman Schwenk has stated in one of his previous columns, 2019 doesn’t look very bright and can we really take another four years of this kind of government?
It looks like the voter’s hands are tied.
Do we want another NDP government? Big No!
Makes me sick to think of Liberals winning back in Ottawa.
Between illegals being put first and giving so much money to other countries and their problems instead of looking after Canadians first, they are a great big No!
The Conservatives, if they had cleaned up their act, might have been a shoe-in but even before Kenny was voted in, he put the Wildrose on the back burner and then has forced all the Wildrose representatives out.
In my opinion, the Drumheller-Stettler Constituency stinks to high heaven and in a free country, shame on all who had a hand in it.
The old boys are so corrupt and used to lining their pockets the only people in their sights is themselves and their friends.
I don’t believe they have Alberta and Albertans best interest at heart so that leaves them as a big No!
Danielle Smith and the Brian Jean of the former Wildrose Party were two people who would have made it but both were too honest and straightforward and expected others to be the same and in turn were stabbed in the back.
Too bad it’s really too close to election time to get the Wildrose back on track.
I’m looking for some party with honesty and integrity to cut regulations and cut the crud in our parties and get their hands dirty for Albertans, be it separation or getting tough by cutting what they have to do so we are back being prosperous and living within our means.
I’ve voted in every election for the last 63 years, this year is a big question mark.

Clare Sharpe
Munson, Ab.

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