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Dear Editor,
Many continue to support the NDP line about how out of touch Danielle Smith is with Albertans on the pension plan and the Liberal green energy dream.

I am thankful Danielle Smith is dealing in reality when it comes to Albertans, not wishful thinking like our Prime Minister and his toadies.

No matter who runs the math, Alberta is better out of CPP, but that is not the issue. The issue is that Canada without Alberta is a bankrupt nation.

Atlantic Canada realized that, small though they are, they have power, (because of the number of seats they hold in Parliament) and by simply telling the pollsters that they would not be voting Liberal, have had the carbon tax halted on their heating oil.

We in Alberta need to learn from them and Quebec on how to negotiate, and threatening the CPP is one of the best and easiest ways.

Premier Smith has already got Ontario’s attention. Albertans of all ages should be backing her, not PM Trudeau.

Gord Snell,
Three Hills, Alta.

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