Being Mistreated

Dear Editor,

You’ve been brainwashed if….. you believe that President Trump is a racist and white supremacist and you have not checked his record on race relations.

You’ve been brainwashed if you believe the “SQUAD” should be immune from scrutiny and criticism because they are women of colour.

You’ve been brainwashed if you believe that adolescents and teenagers need their parent’s permission to go on a field trip but they can join a GSA, take puberty blockers or have an abortion and the parents are not to be informed.

You’ve been brainwashed if you believe newspapers should receive $595 Million from the Canadian government and who gets the money is decided by left-wingers who detest anything remotely conservative.

I have heard the rabidly left-wing Toronto Star will receive $110,000 per week but haven’t been able to confirm it.

You’ve been brainwashed if you think Alberta should happily participate in equalization while having our resources landlocked by the ROC because it is the Canadian way.

You’ve been brainwashed if you think Catherine McKenna is a coherent Environment Minister.

You’ve been brainwashed if you believed PM Trudeau was going to balance the budget by 2019.

I believe enough people have been brainwashed by the liberal media and politicians that they will allow themselves to be bought with borrowed money and re-elect Justin Trudeau.

Finally, you’ve been brainwashed if, or when that happens, Alberta should quietly carry on being mistreated rather start the process of separation.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Alta.

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