Behaviour is not acceptable

Dear Editor

Dictionary definition of con·serv·a·tive
averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.

Okay, what does that mean?

Does it mean that while I am sitting in the waiting area of the Stettler Clinic it is okay to pour your political viewpoint on me and try to light me on fire?

I’ll back up and add context.

On Wednesday afternoon I attended the clinic for an appointment. I am a 63-year-old male and I am pretty easygoing to the point I often smile and engage people in small talk regardless of whether or not I know them.

On this afternoon the sun had poked out just before I arrived at the clinic and it made my mood “cheery”. I announced myself to the ladies at the desk and sat down.

The only other person sitting in there was a 60s-something “Lady” in a very bright pink sweatshirt. I remarked she looked radiant in her brightness.

She smiled and said “I have a better one at home. It’s a T-shirt with F-Trudeau on it.”

I answered with “Oh ya” and felt I had enough small talk. But I had of course opened the door to let all her views out.
She immediately felt the need to continue and spew out how Trudeau was bad bad bad. She then told me how Polievre had put him down in question period by calling him a “Wacko” I couldn’t help myself and replied, “Real mature right?”
This provoked “OH, I think it was funny and Pierre’s got my vote.”

I asked what Pierre has ever done.

She replied, “Trudeau won’t let him do anything”. I then told her “You may have a radiant shirt but your personality and politics will prevent me from having any further conversation with you.” I got called into the office.

So now back to the meaning of conservative.

Averse to change – okay but Pierre is nothing like any conservative leader ever, so that doesn’t fit.

Holding traditional values – Since when is it traditional to walk around wearing an ‘F- Anyone’ shirt? Or talk like that to someone you’ve never met. Or want to fight with someone who just told you that you looked radiant?

Is there a new meaning for Conservative or is it more that, a Conservative only wants to fight and not talk politely to anyone?

Someone told me that is the way political parties are now.

I say that is the way Conservatives are now. I have not seen NDP or Liberals blocking roads, honking and disrupting the peace, threatening people or swearing at people wearing safety gear (ie) masks.

I have been called an F-ing sheep for wearing a mask in a store during COVID-19. The woman who did this had no idea that we had an at-risk person living in our home, nor should she. It was none of her business, just like me wearing a mask was none of her business.

I am a history buff and must say the actions of this generation of conservatives, in my opinion, are mirroring the 1930s Brown Shirt goons of Hitler’s Germany. Anyone who does not agree with this group will be bullied, threatened and intimidated.

It has already happened that weapons were brought to protests for this purpose.

It is time to stand up to these bullies and say that this behaviour is not acceptable.
Dan Paterson
Stettler, Alta.

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