Beautiful cedar chest donated as Multiplex raffle fundraiser

Diane Dammann
ECA Review Submitted

On Saturday night Alliance Seed Cleaning Plant held the annual dinner and meeting.  There were 32 at meeting.  The board stays the same with Tom Coppock as the chair again.  This crop year ending in July put the plant in the million bushel club.  That is a million bushels of grain cleaned. Since July, they have cleaned 250,000 bushels, well on the way to another million bushel year.  As chairman, Tom Coppock said, “Ergot may be bad news as a farmer but it is good for the seed plant.”
The Valley Inn catered the lovely roast beef dinner.  Lots of folks won door prize draws on Saturday night.  Two scoop shovels were among the prizes and generated some amusement.  Vendor tables from Main Street Medley, Avon and Watkins offered some shopping opportunities.

There was a U Haul at the house across the street from the church on Saturday as Tracy Boisvert and the children made the move  to Calgary.  
Christine Fedrick has had her mom from BC here visiting for a couple of weeks.  She was here to share trick or treating with the grandchildren.
Sympathy is sent to Linda Campbell upon the death of her brother Bruce this past week.  They just lost their mother a couple months ago. Her younger brother lived in Edmonton.
The Alliance Multiplex is once more the recipient of a beautiful cedar chest to be raffled as a fund raiser.  Graham Gaffin is the craftsman who made and donated the chest and he also sells the tickets. What a great guy!
The Streicher brothers, Aaron and Irwin were both home to Alliance on the weekend to spend time with their children.  Aaron is long haul trucking.  Irwin is trucking in the oilfield at Elk Point.
The Alliance Ag Society has the annual meeting on Tuesday night.  This society looks after the community hall, the bench show and horse show, and probably a lot more that I don’t know about.  They are open to new membership.
Girls Club meets on Tuesday after school.  This is for girls age 6 to 16.  This week they will hear a report on agriculture.  
Wednesday is the regular meeting of the Women’s Institute.  Citizenship and Legislation is the study topic this month.  
On Monday night, Judi Solonick, Muriel Fankhanel, Peter and I are off to the meeting of the Friends of The Battle River Railway.  We will be working on the big gala for April 13 to be held in Alliance.  
Ginny and Phillip Marcil just got back from a trip across the country.  They flew to Montreal to visit their daughter then Ginny went to Nova Scotia to visit with her family while Phillip came home. As soon as she got back to Alliance,  they left for BC to visit their other child.
Congratulations to Glenda (nee Hudson) and Phillip Collinge of Lloydminster upon the arrival of a son on October 20.  Tyler Ross arrived at seven pounds four ounces.  This is the first child for the Collinges and the third grandchild for Bob and Dorothy Hudson.  
Connie Beingessner spent a weekend in Jasper on a training session for foster parents.  She had a great time, learned a lot and is glad to be back home to the family.

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