Be proud, Castor!

Letter to the Editor

Dear Residents of Castor,
Its been a while, but we thought we would remind people about our observations of generosity and people helping people.

I would like to applaud you for the compassion, generosity, unsolicited sense of duty and the seemingly, “automatic-ness” of the efforts you have put forth in helping the people of Fort McMurray, specifically to the family we had staying with us.

It was an amazing, quiet effort that just seemed to be a normal aspect of your day.

I heard stories that took me aback and caused me to smile a proud smile, such as a table set up at the weekly farmer’s market to accept anything you could spare for the families staying at our place.

The more I heard, the more I came to realize, that this wasn’t an organized effort, this was just the people of Castor doing what the people of Castor do.

There were many instances of generosity and compassion in the face of adversity that reminded me of why we chose this community in which to raise our family.

We do not have all the specific instances of the above and we wouldn’t want to risk insulting anyone we may miss, so I’m writing this open letter to the town of Castor and surrounding area.

Castor, you have not only impressed a long time resident and his family, you have impressed perfect strangers and re-enforced a sense of pride that we have as being able to call ourselves members of your community.  In all the tragedy that has gripped Fort McMurray you emerged as a bastion of everything they lost.  Sense of community, sense of self worth and all the things that are humble and beautiful about humanity.

Since you’d never do it yourselves, I’ll do it for you.

And that is to thank you, Castor, from the bottom of our hearts, you have reinforced our faith in community and all the people that make it up.

You didn’t do it with a reward in mind; you did it, because it’s just what you do.  So, on behalf of my family, please stand and take a bow.

I will plagiarize a story I heard from Laura that envelopes the spirit of Castor and that was in relation to a donation made by a resident when told they would not be able to get a receipt for their contribution and the response was:  Sometimes, you just don’t need a receipt.

Smile, Castor; be proud, for you are the very best among us.
Jared, Laura and Emmett McNabb
Castor, Ab.

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