Basic utility rates solidified

Water, sewer, and garbage rates have been set for 2019 within the Village of Clive.

At the regular council meeting held on Mon. Jan. 14, base water rates at five cubic metres per month will cost consumers $23.65.

Base sewer rates at the same amount will cost $7.73 and the base garbage rate will cost residents $24.65.

Any water consumption over the base cubic metres will result in a $2.15 charge per cubic metre.

Any sewer usage over the base rate will be charged $0.35 per cubic metre. This overage charge is based on the water usage overage.

Concerns as to how much was being charged came to the forefront as upcoming projects like the new lift station will require more funding.

The first budget has passed so Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney recommended it be written down for next year.

An asset management meeting will also be scheduled later this year to help councillors be prepared and stay informed.

The Highway 12/21 Water Commission sells water to its members including Clive, Bashaw and Alix.

This year’s 2019 water rates from the Commission is $2.96 per cubic metre which is up from 2.88 per cubic metre in 2018.

The commission members were put to a vote in December as to how much of an increase the price would jump.

After deliberation and a second meeting to consider the pros and cons, the vote came back to increase the rate to $2.96 per cubic metre as the Commission continues to build its reserves for system updates and future pipeline repairs or replacements.

Council Remuneration and Expense Policy

Council spent some time delving into the council remuneration and expense policy to determine updates and become compliant with newly made federal law.

This policy is meant to specify rates of remuneration for attending meetings, committee and board meetings, courses, seminars and conventions and expense reimbursement as mayor, councillors and staff act as representatives of the village.

It was determined local community functions such as the FunFest Parade and Christmas Light Up the Night event do not receive remuneration as that is a natural part of councillor duties to attend these events.

If meetings or other important gatherings such as seminars or extra training are taking place outside of Clive, mileage is set at $0.52 per kilometre for both staff and council.

As for expenses, all councillors are required to submit their expenses, meeting fees and per diems by the end of the month rather than at the last council meeting of the month to keep any meetings that take place afterwards within the same month for convenience and paperwork organization.

“In the old days they brought it on paper and this was the only time they were here but now you guys pretty much submit it all electronically,” said CAO Kenney.

Public Participation Plan Land Use Bylaw #514-16 is a bylaw that encompasses a large variety of rules including the use of cannabis, recreational vehicle parking and soft-sided garages.

A public participation plan was talked about around the council table to narrow down what topics they would like the public to answer.

All three topics will be the main focus of the feedback. The results will be presented at the Feb. 25 meeting which allows them time to understand the information before first reading is put forth on March 11.


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