Basic guaranteed wage overdue

Dear Editor,

A guaranteed minimum wage is long overdue and with the pandemic creating so many job losses, it’s the perfect time to implement it. 

Of course, it will likely cause a political firestorm. 

A lot of people will say it will cause workers to not want to go back to work, but I think they’re totally wrong. 

The basic guaranteed wage is just that, and most people will want to work for the finer things in life. 

Just post a job with a decent wage and see how many will apply. 

Minimum wage or poverty level jobs are an insult to people and the pandemic brought attention to the plight of people working in the Long Term Care Homes. 

I’m sure that a guaranteed minimum wage would cut down on crime and mental health issues tremendously. 

The naysayers will likely be the people that have always been lucky enough to have held a well paying steady job and never had to stand in line at the food bank to feed their family. 

The economy is always on everybody’s mind and the billions and trillions that the big corporations have don’t fuel the economy. 

It’s the money in the hands of the ordinary citizen that keeps the economy going.

If the people can’t buy the products in the stores, there wouldn’t be much sense in producing them, would there? 

Of course, this will need some thought and probably a tweak or two after it’s put into use. 

I just hope the politicians can do better on this than they did on getting a simple pipeline in the ground. 

We can’t afford to wait 10 years for this!


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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