Bashaw tackles unpaid trailer taxes

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After several failed attempts to get tax assessment information from a trailer park owner, Bashaw Town Council created a bylaw to roll unpaid tax balances to the owner.
Council, at its regular meeting Oct. 6, gave first and second reading to the bylaw allowing the town to pursue unpaid taxes and follow through with tax recovery procedures if necessary.
The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires owners of trailer parks to provide monthly reports to the CAO regarding ownership of trailers, serial numbers, year, make, size and movement of trailers coming in and out of the park.
“Last listing received from the trailer park owner was from 2012,” said Town of Bashaw Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller in her report to council.
“It’s a common situation with municipalities all across Alberta,” she pointed out.
Council will give third reading to the bylaw at its Oct. 20 meeting.

Cemetery maintenance solutions

Town of Bashaw is looking at alternatives for cemetery maintenance after the Women’s Institute notified them they are relinquishing care of the cemetery at the end of the year.
The maintenance needed includes grass cutting, ongoing repairs, hole filling and leveling of graves as well as general neatness of the cemetery.
“Council requested that we do some research on what other municipalities do,” said CAO Fuller. “We will find some costing to compare whether it will be cheaper to contract it out or hire an employee.”

Bashaw’s Subdivision and Appeal Board

Town of Bashaw CAO Theresa Fuller told council, at its regular meeting Oct. 6, that the MGA requires a minimum of five members on its Subdivision and Appeal Board (SDAB).
The town currently has two people on the SDAB, Coun. Rosella Peterman and Coun. Bryan Gust. Three more are required.
They can’t be employees of the town or spouses of council that could present a conflict. They also have to live within the community or the near vicinity.
Council approved the nomination of Dwayne Bamber from the public to sit on the SDAB.
The MGA stipulates that municipal councilors can’t form the majority of the board or of a committee hearing an appeal. The town will continue to search for two more members from the public for Bashaw’s SDAB.

Council in favour of Library’s budget increase

Council approved Parkland Regional Library’s budget request of a two per cent increase in 2017.
“Parkland Regional Library has implemented modest increases all along,” said CAO Fuller. “Our council is under the view that library service is definitely of value. The modest increase is warranted.”
Council received letters from other municipalities  including Blackfalds, Coronation, Rimbey and Rocky Mountain House, who were opposed to the two per cent increase and suggested either a zero or a minimum of one per cent increase.

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