Bashaw residents voice concerns over camping, fire pits in town

Bashaw Town Council wants to consult with the fire department before rezoning an Independent Seniors Lodge development to allow camping and fire pits.

Council, at its Jan. 21 meeting, held a public hearing for the current Bashaw Valley Lodge site and received concerns from the public about camping and fire pits.

“The facility is proposing to have camping sites on the property to provide a camping area for visiting family members,” said Bashaw Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Darlene Sinclair.

This, however, isn’t consistent with the current zoning of the land so council held the public hearing.
Ron and Joyce Strange, in a letter to council, said they had no objections to the development of an independent

Seniors Lodge but were concerned about camping and campfires because of the natural bush area surrounding their home and the Bashaw Valley Lodge site.

They also wanted to know if there would be a time limit on the length of time campers can stay so RV’s wouldn’t be left indefinitely.

Louise Hogg also expressed concern to council in a letter about increased traffic and installing better and more signs.

Council voted in favour of getting information from the fire department before making a decision on rezoning the land.

Community groups get funding
Bashaw council voted in favour of moving community financial requests in-camera instead of discussing them in the open portion of the meeting at its Jan. 21 regular meeting.

After the meeting, council voted on the community financial requests. Requests that were declined include $100 for the spring round up junior cattle show for youth, prizes and cash awards for participants; $100 to BGCC to assist with fundraiser to help those fighting cancer in Bashaw and surrounding area; $50 to the library silent auction.

The Thrift Store requested $1,500 for shelving, racks, storage bins, window seal kits, front door replacement, snow removal, paint for walls, doors and ceilings. Council, however, only approved $500.

Other funding requests approved include: $50 for the Legion’s annual Remembrance Day; $150 for the Chamber of Commerce membership and Bashaw bucks participation; $5,000 to the Bus Society; $50 each to the Grade 5s and 7s; $800 for Christmas staff function; and $550 for incidentals that come in after the timeline, or discrete requests. Council also approved $8,500 for the Bashaw Library.

Council delays decision on physician retention program
Council voted unanimously in favour of postponing their decision on its $25,000 annual contribution to the physician retention program until they know how much, if any, MSI funds they will get from the provincial government.

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