Bashaw makes paving top priority following capital budget approval

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On Thursday, June 17, Bashaw Council got together for their bi-weekly meeting.
The largest item on the list was dedicated to paving projects within the town.
CAO Theresa Fuller explained that paving would be the most ‘significant’ item on the list for this years capital budget.
Three projects were previously approved in the 2017 budget to allow for optimal savings. This includes the reconstruction and extension of 52 Street and 50 Avenue at an estimated cost of $162,980 as well as the paving 51 Avenue and 49 Street.
“The component of the paving there is the most significant portion of the budget being that it was just shy of $240,000,” said Fuller.
The tennis court will be repurposed.
“We are of course looking forward to our tennis court paved as well. There is a bit of process with that. The first year will be paving and then the paving has to breath and then there will be a finish that is put on the tennis court.
The bulk water coin mechanism mounted on the fire hall is scheduled to be upgraded after residents were having troubles getting coins accepted into the machine.
“It’s not significant but it will be helpful for them because right now it’s picky about which loonies it receives. That frustrates people.” said Fuller.
$40,000 of the 2018 budget has been dedicated to planning for the town’s future sustainability. This involves plans like the municipal development plan and land use bylaw. The Town will be collaborating with the County of Camrose to work on an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework where the community will be able to provide input.
“The theme generally with strategic planning is sustainability and so it’s looking at how do we continue to survive and also possibly flourish if the community wants,” said Fuller. “It’s a combination between council and community to determine how administration prioritizes what projects we present to council.”
An LED sign is becoming a real possibility. Council wishes the community to partner and sponsor with them to support this endeavour. It would be hung on the outside of the arena and display different community events and other notices.
“That would be a fairly good location but we are certainly open to considering other locations that might be a little more significant to residents,” said Fuller.
Another feature being added to the arena will be surveillance cameras to prevent fraud. Four will be positioned inside while two will be outside for a total cost of $7,000. The Bashaw Minor Hockey Association has agreed to contribute $1,600 towards these cameras.
Public Works is expected to have a new skid steer load with a stump grinder, mower, blade, and bucket attachments for $100,100. They are also replacing a lawn mower and flush truck with a boiler.
“That will enable us to do more different landscaping and snow removal and excavation aspects so that will be helpful,” she said.
More follow-up is needed for the flush truck as the town has partnered with the municipalities of Bawlf and Rosalind. Two out of the three are in agreeance to buy the new truck while one area has chosen a preference towards with the lower priced unit.
“We’ve got to kind of revisit it to come up with something that is agreeable to all three so then we know what to shop for,” explained Fuller.
Now that the budget is passed, the town will continue to cross off priority projects on their list as the summer goes on.
More information is available on the Bashaw Town website at or call at 780-372-3911.

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