Bashaw hires peace officer under contract

The Town of Bashaw approved a contract for bylaw services with Camrose County for $95 an hour and the town getting all fines issued within the municipality.

“Complaints will be collected at the town office and will be given to the county’s Community Peace Officer (CPO),” Theresa Fuller, Bashaw’s chief administrative officer told council at its regular meeting Sept. 3.

The CPO will follow up on the complaints on their weekly patrols and if there are not complaints, will conduct traffic enforcement.

CAO Fuller said the costs for the contract, which took effect Sept. 1, are similar to their previous contract with Alberta Animal Services and should fit in with the rest of the budget.

Winter water shut off costs

If residents turn off the water to their homes during winter they run the risk of not being able to turn the water back on because the old mechanisms could malfunction.
Theresa Fuller, chief administrative officer for the Town of Bashaw, presented council with two options to deal with the issue. They could either disallow winter shut offs thus preventing any malfunctions or they could install a new stainless steel mechanism at the location if there is a problem, which would ensure the ability to turn it on and off.

But CAO Fuller told council it can be costly to replace the mechanism with a stainless steel one; about $800 each plus winter excavation can cost about $10,000.
Coun. Bryan Gust said council should allow residents to turn their water off but let them know that if there is a problem how much it could potentially cost them.
Residents who shut off their water will be responsible for base water costs and any damage to the mechanism.

More signs considered

Council discussed the possibility of erecting stop signs near the community centre.
Coun. Lynn Schultz said the trees near the intersection contribute to the lack of visibility. Coun. Bryan Gust said he would like to see signs on Hwy 53 and 21 warning truckers not to use their engine retarder brakes near town. CAO Theresa Fuller said she would discuss the issue with Alberta Transportation.

Arena preps underway

Town foreman Murray Holroyd, in his report to council, said the arena is expected to be ready for skating on Sept. 30 with maintenance such as cleaning and waxing the floors to be done.

Staff training approved

Council approved funding increase of $2,500 a year from the previous $1,900 for staff development for administration and public works. CAO Fuller said the additional funds would support admin staff taking the required courses towards their National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration.

Money from GTF

The Town of Bashaw will get $50,000 in 2015 for its share of the Gas Tax Refund. The money is from Canada and Alberta governments, to help fund infrastructure, create jobs and long-term prosperity.

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