Bashaw explores funding for infrastructure projects

Town of Bashaw Council, at its regular meeting Sept. 1, unanimously voted in favour of proceeding with engineering designs for the Lagoon upgrade project.
“They decided it was prudent to proceed with $25,000 to $30,000 approval for the preliminary study that serves as the application for the Water for Life/Water wastewater grant,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller.
But council still has to tackle the 54 Avenue Project, which is estimated to cost about $2.5 million.
CAO Fuller told council, “This amount is a challenge and would involve a fairly substantial debenture component.”
A phased approach, completing about half of the project, would cost about $811,750 in the first phase.
Administration presented council with funding plan options for the project. One option involved a shortfall of about $335,746 with the town offsetting the amount through town reserves or borrowing.
“At this juncture in time, we are strategizing as to which funding plan will enable the town to complete as many priority projects without having to debenture or completely tap out reserves,” said CAO Fuller Tuesday.

Historical society eyes working with local groups

In spite of a huge programming effort by the Bashaw Firehall Museum and Bashaw Tourist Information Centre, the number of visitors over the summer was low.
From June 1 to Aug. 8, the Bashaw Tourist Information Centre had 198 visitors and the Bashaw Firehall Museum had 215 visitors.
Coun. Bryan Gust, during council’s regular meeting Sept. 1, pointed out that, “these aren’t very big numbers.”
Chief Administrative Officer Theresa Fuller said the group “put in a lot of effort to stimulate activity” and commended organizer Marj Savage.
Savage, in her written report to council, suggested the historical society work with the United Church Youth Group, Bashaw Youth Foundation, Bashaw Library, Bashaw Recreation Board and the BDSS to review program opportunities.
“There is a great opportunity for the Historical Society to be part of a progressive, active coalition to offer the community, and in fact the province, an example of how rural communities can highlight their historic contributions to their community.”
Savage said the historical society could work with various non-profit groups to share resources and manpower to better deliver programs.
She also suggested that next year the Firehall Museum and tourist information centre open for the May long weekend.
Savage said Bashaw Tourism Community Guide should be reviewed adding “there is a need to highlight Buffalo Lake” because there are no booklets or tourism handouts from either Stettler or Camrose counties showing an effective map with recreation sites, camping opportunities and communities surrounding Buffalo Lake.
Council received the report as information.

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