Bashaw council approves communication policy

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Bashaw council unanimously accepted a revised version of Policy 12.80, a communication policy aimed at streamlining outgoing communication from the Town of Bashaw through traditional and electronic channels during their Wed. July 26 meeting.

They have added a section that allows the ability to advertise town project tenders.

The main objective of Policy 12.80 is to provide a clear and structured process for disseminating information and updates to the public. By implementing this policy, the Town of Bashaw aims to enhance transparency, improve public engagement and ensure consistent and effective communication with its residents and stakeholders.

During the meeting, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller shed light on some specific aspects of the revised policy. One notable addition to the policy is the inclusion of the ability to advertise town project tenders.

Fuller explained the rationale behind this amendment, stating, “We were just going to add the commentary about adding the ability to advertise town project tenders. Originally, I thought we had a procurement policy, we do, but it’s extremely outdated. We will be going into council for anything over 500 bucks.”

Fuller emphasized that the policy aims to streamline financial decisions within the town.

If expenses are within the approved operating budget, they can be administratively approved, subject to council’s overall budget approval.

However, any expenditure of a significant capital nature, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 or more, will be brought back to council for approval.

The exception to this rule is in emergencies, such as water-related issues requiring immediate attention and action.

Jessica Campbell
ECA Review

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