Badminton tournament medals

The badminton team travelled to Wainwright on April 10 for a long day at the East Central Catholic School Divisional Tournament.

The group had teams entered into 12 different categories including girls singles, boys singles, mixed doubles, girls doubles and boys doubles, each within their different grade levels.

Throughout the day, the Theresetta students played hard and were able to come home with nine gold medals and four silver medals overall.

One interesting situation from the day saw four Theresetta boys singles players as the four finalists from their category.

The category was so large it started out with four separate draws, with one Theresetta boy in each.

After all four boys won their respective pools and the following quarterfinal game, the Grade 7 boys singles final games ended up being between our four players.

Thayer Bunbury came out with the gold medal in that category.

In other results these players won the gold medal in their respective categories: Landon Slemp – Grade 9 boys singles, Ashley Renschler and Kennedy Bagshaw – Grade 9 girls doubles, Curtis Penner – Grade 8 boys singles, Tierra Ulrich and partner – Grade 8 mixed doubles, Grace Roland – Grade 7 girls singles, Brayden Rowland and Drew Bagshaw – Grade 7 boys doubles, Kiali Blumhagen and Nola Fuller – Grade 7 girls doubles and Allie Weber and partner – Grade 7 mixed doubles.

The following teams were the silver medal winners in their respective pools: Sydney Renschler – Grade 9 girls singles, Abbigale Fuller and Alyssa Kuefler – Grade 9 girls doubles, Parker Slemp and Gracie Bagshaw – Grade 8 girls doubles and Kolby Renschler – Grade 7 boys singles.


by K. Smawley

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