Back to school!

Students, staff and visitors are required to use hand sanitizer when entering the building, and when entering and exiting a classroom. ECA Review/Submitted

It’s that time of year: Back to school at Hughenden Public School (HPS). But it looks a little different this time.

Hughenden Public School opened on Sept. 1 and students are excited to be back. With the reopening of school, new regulations have been put in place.

We interviewed Grade 4 teacher Ashley Swanson because she is the teacher of the newest kids attending Hughenden Public School.

When asked about her opinion on the new cleaning regulations, Mrs. Swanson said, “I appreciate the efforts to keep all students and staff safe.”

One water bottle filling station is open for students to fill their water bottles, while all fountains are taped shut to prevent students from using them. ECA Review/Submitted

When asked how elementary students are dealing with these regulations, she replied that “Everyone is handling them well, and they seem to be happy to be back at school”.

We also interviewed Cody Paul, who is the school’s senior high math teacher, as well as the homeroom teacher for the Grade 12 students.

When asked what his favourite part of teaching in-person again was, Mr. Paul said “Getting to interact with the students”.

Overall, students and staff are happy to be back in the classroom and are respectfully dealing with the new rules of school this fall.


by Alyssa Carson and Kallee Hope

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