AUC allows late submission opposing Halkirk wind project

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) was expected to finish its regulatory review process of the proposed Halkirk 2 Wind Project by March 12 but allowed more evidence earlier this month.
A lawyer for the Battle River Group (BRG) requested and was granted permission to submit a late submission.
“This is not unusual,” Jim Law, AUC’s External Relations Director, told the ECA Review. “However, this is different in that it is quite a bit late.”
The submission was from Stacy Fuller, Trisha Fuller, Joseph Felzien and Sarah Felzien who asked to be allowed, as new members of the BRG, to submit evidence.
The landowners originally were participating with Capital Power.
The Fullers claim they weren’t asked if they had any concerns with the proposed route of the collector lines on the road allowance.
The Felziens say they weren’t consulted by Capital Power about the relocation of the underground lines to the county road allowance and don’t approve the lines to be put in the ditch along their property.
Capital Power opposed the late submission saying they approached Paintearth County and got its consent to have the connector lines put on municipal land along the right of way.
“The commission is considering the request and I anticipate it will issue a public ruling very shortly,” said Law. “If the request is denied, expect a decision regarding the project mid to late April.”
A hearing held by Paintearth County’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) in December was adjourned until April 2018 at the request of Capital Power’s lawyer to allow Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to finish its regulatory review process.
With the Halkirk 2 project, Capital Power wants to meet increased power needs in the province as Alberta phases out coal-fired electricity generation facilities by 2030.
If Capital Power’s Halkirk 2 Wind Project is approved it will see 74 wind turbines, a collector system and a substation erected north of Halkirk.
Halkirk already has 83 turbines at Halkirk Wind Farm.
The BRG consists of about 40 landowners. They presented a petition with 312 signatures to council in December.


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