Atheism responsible for more atrocities than religion

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Dear Editor,

The main point of the editorial, Misplaced faith, Jan. 2, 2020 issue was to state, in my opinion, nearly everything wrong can be blamed on religion.

The list was extensive, describing their contribution to the world’s degradation.

Only taking a break long enough to explain how wonderful secular governments work; government with no thought of God.

The last one was a full description of pocket size evangelicals under the spell of the Evil President Trump, described as unchristian. To me his stand for the unborn is one of the most Christian acts I’ve seen a leader do in a long time. Such a stark contrast to ours, but that’s not why I reply.

The editorial missed the most evil faith of all. The faith that was responsible for more deaths in the 20th Century than in the previous 19 combined.

Many in this modern age prescribe to it as the only way to go and they are loud and proud about it.

What faith am I referring to?

Atheism: It’s a faith, you have to have faith to believe everything comes from nothing.

Before you get excited and become a follower let’s look back at some of its shining stars and glorious moments.

It’s good to look back.

When we stop, we tend to repeat our mistakes.

There are many places one could start but let’s try a central square in China. Tiananmen to be exact, where in the spring of 1989 after weeks of protests pleading for freedoms and democracy the government sent in the army.

There’s no official death toll as often happens in communist countries but estimates range from hundreds to in excess of 10,000.

This harsh crackdown was the result of leftover policies from a leader who had died 13 years prior, Mao Zedong. His godless reign of terror resulted in tens of millions of deaths.

One Chinese journalist, Yang Jisheng estimates 35 million while Frank Dikotter, a professor in the Hong Kong university pegs the tally at 45 million. We tend to look at big numbers as statistics.

If you have had your heart broke over the loss of “one loved one” just do the math!!

Elsewhere, it’s another communist regime bent on wiping God out of the equation!

The United Soviet Socialist Republic. Atheism was taught and enforced in schools. Enforced to the point that students were told to inform on family members who prayed or read the Bible: many of them did. Lots of us remember the collapse of the U.S.S.R., marked by the smashing of the Berlin wall. The iron curtain was gone and with that many stories of evil started to surface.

One of the patriarchal founders of the Soviet Union, a man Mao Zedung, considered the poster boy for communism, was Joseph Stalin.

Stalin was appointed by Lenin because he showed the perfect socialistic trait; his hatred of God.

On the other side of Europe, another reign of terror was beginning. Started by a socialist with the motto, “if you tell a lie often enough and long enough the people will believe it”.

Hitler’s plan aligned with Stalin; wipe out God and his followers.

Between the two of these powerful atheists, they are credited for the deaths of nearly 25 million.

That’s not including the millions of soldiers on both sides who died either defending or destroying an ill-fated cause.

What would get in people’s minds to think like that, to be so callous they could order the death of millions of people.

Well, there is a common denominator.

Every one of these leaders were influenced by the teachings of one man. An outspoken atheist, Nietzsche who influenced Nietzsche?

Charles Darwin: the man who came up with the ‘theory’ that tells us we are just random chance and some of us are more evolved than others.

Mao, Stalin and Hitler took this to heart. Hitler was so impressed with the writings of Nietzsche, that he gave copies to Benite Mussolini as well to Hirohito, emperor of Japan, just to convince them they were on the right track to be ridding the world of these lesser beings.

As we look back to the time of WWII, we realize every nation that fought against our allied forces were led by atheists. Leaders who ordered horrendous crimes against humanity and did it with a clear conscience.

Their faith told them the death of one of these people was no more significant than the death of a dog.

There is real irony here!

You see just a mere 17 years after the defeat of this axis of evil, we embraced the very teachings that mislead them and worked those teachings into our educational system.

In 1962 Darwin’s theory was taught in our classrooms, not as a theory but as fact.

The results? Just 11 years later, 1973 abortion on demand became legal, from that moment until now, nearly 70 million babies in North America never got the chance to cry. All done with a clear conscience.

As the editorial pointed out, most atrocities done in the name of religion actually go against the teaching of their faith. But all done by atheists aligns perfectly with what Darwin and his disciple Nietzsche said it should be.

I will close with a couple of quotes.

You decide which one would be the best guide for a moral compass. Darwin: “Looking at the world at no distant date, what an endless number of lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races through out the world”.

Mathew 5:5 “God blesses those who are humble, for they shall inherit the whole earth”.

By the way; Nietzsche spent the last 11 years of his life insane. There is no comforter, to take away the fear. When the only God you worship, stares back from the mirror.


Alfie Fleming

Irma, Alta.

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