ATCO shows interest in Highway 36 gas line

During Mayor Blaise Young’s councillor report, he shared a letter with council regarding ATCO Gas highlighting their interest in obtaining the Highway 36 gas line.

Young received a call the morning of the regular council meeting on Wed. Dec. 2 from an ATCO employee who expressed their interest and requested they sit with council for a presentation.

Council was concerned this may hurt their relationship with Phoenix Gas who have also shared their interest in this older line, requesting that the company be alerted of ATCO reaching out before it is published in the newspaper.

After some discussion, it was decided they will see what direction both parties wish to go in with their proposals and then determine where to go from there.

Also in Young’s report was that he made a ‘non-political’ letter addressed to the premier about the serious issues rural Alberta is facing.

The rest of council reviewed the letter and felt it was good to send and that Barry Morishita, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association leader should be added to the email as well as he may be able to support them and share how other communities are feeling the same strains.

“What burns me is that we are a coal community and what have we actually received as a coal community? I was told right to my face by the minister of the time that Forestburg would have consideration and that I could call him,” said Young.

“Turns out I couldn’t talk to him. I was vetted by people before I could talk to them. It’s the same situation today. We are doing everything we can do but we need the province to help too,” he stated.

Council gave permission to send the letter to Premier Jason Kenney.

New CAO named

After a couple months, the village of Forestburg will be welcoming Dwight Dibben as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

He is set to begin his duties Dec. 14 where paperwork will be signed.

On Dec. 16, council will hold their next meeting where they will meet Dibben in person.

Tax penalties waived

During the Nov. 18 meeting, council made a motion to cancel the 2020 tax penalties for three of McNabb Construction properties.

A fourth tax roll was absent from the letter addressed to the village due to communication issues. 

McNabb Construction asked that the penalties be waived in the amount of $83.72.

Interim CAO Corrine Newman felt the situation was a ‘misunderstanding between the two parties’.

Coun. Devon McNabb left the room for this portion due to conflict of interest, leaving the rest of council to decide.

The remaining four chose to waive this amount.

Scholarship support

During the Oct. 15 council meeting, council approved the disbursal of $1,600 for scholarships from the Community Enhancement Fund to Forestburg School.

The Forestburg & District Community Enhancement Fund has been asked by Forestburg School to include the Tyler Martz scholarship fund to this year’s disbursement which was not included in the original report.

Council passed a motion to approve the distribution of $250 for the Tyler Martz scholarship.

FIRST supper, auction

Flagstaffs Initiative to Relationship and Spousal Trauma (F.I.R.S.T.) has sent notification that the 23rd Annual Supper and Auction has been retrofitted to handle the pandemic restrictions.

They are anticipating that they will not be able to hold the event in a traditional manner and asked if the village would like to remain a sponsor.

Council agreed to be a gold sponsor member, supplying $500.

“They do good work,” said Mayor Young.


Terri Huxley

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