Atco Electric has increase in rate change

Written by Cheryl Bowman

Elnora village council was informed during the meeting on Thurs. Feb. 9 that there will be a rate change for the LED conversion multiplier rates.

Previously the rate was at 7.6 per cent and it will be increasing to 8.49 per cent, said CAO Sharon Wesgate.

Council heard further that each municipality that agreed to the LED conversion became part of a group in which conversion costs are split between all of the participating municipalities equally until the LED conversion recovery costs for the municipality are paid.

Council made a motion to accept the report regarding the rate increase as information which was carried unanimously.

Fees waived

The temporary library building will have the water, sewer and garbage fees waived for 2023.

As in the past, the library has never had to pay for the water, sewer and garbage fees however a motion was needed to approve fees to be waived for the new temporary site.

The motion to waive the fees was approved unanimously.

RCMP delegation

Council heard an update from Sgt. Jamie Day regarding the upcoming year’s annual performance plan as well as some stats for the past year.

The past year has been the busiest year since 2017 with an increase in calls for service by 18.3 per cent, said Sgt. Day.

“That’s a big jump,” said Mayor Jul Bissel.

During the past year there has also been an increase in the number of personal crimes such as extortion, sexual assault and assault while property crime has been going down, said Sgt. Day.

During the discussion, councillors asked if staffing was still an issue.

“Every other province is getting cadets and Alberta is getting none,” said Sgt. Day in response.
A motion was passed unanimously to accept the delegation discussion as information.

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