Are you interested in helping our local Cadets?

We are looking for people willing to become Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) officers to help train Air Cadets in survival, aeronautics, marksmanship and general training.
The Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) consists of specially trained part-time members of the Canadian Forces and will wear the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force. CIC officers are responsible for cadet training, supervision, and administration.
CIC officers are important figures in the life of a cadet. Many CIC officers were once cadets themselves but this is not a prerequisite. To become a CIC officer, a candidate must participate in a series of personal interviews and:
Have a high school diploma,
Be a Canadian citizen between the ages of 18 and 64 and be of good character,
Recommended by the commanding officer, squadron sponsoring committee or provincial league,
Meet the medical standards prescribed,
Pass a security screening including an enhanced reliability check, criminal background investigation and vulnerable sector screening.
In time, if you choose to assist in the Air Cadets you will be asked to go to courses which might require time away from work and family. This would be only days, not months and you will be paid DND (Department of National Defence) wages. Accommodations and travel (by air) are supplied. These are courses for you to learn what is expected of you to teach our Cadets.
Members of the CIC cannot and will not be called for any other duties as members of the Canadian Forces.
This type of volunteer is integral to our squadron. The Officers are the ones to help our Cadets learn their Cadet training schedule and to become upstanding citizens, teaching them citizenship and respect for others like no other organization can.
Types of training you will be involved in include  “military drill” and marching techniques, which teach Cadets discipline and attention to details. Cadets are in charge of keeping their uniform, boots and gear presentable and when they earn their badges they are the ones to sew them into the proper place on their uniform.
The Air Cadets are a FREE organization that is for building a community. In their training year they have days designated for just citizenship. This could be a town clean up or just simply going up to the local assisted living complex to visit. The Squadron assists the Legion in ceremonies and other citizenship exercises.
The Cadets learn many things like survival techniques, air rifle marksmanship, aeronautics, ceremonial, leadership, effective public speaking, personal fitness and first aid. All at no cost to the parent.
The Cadets always participate in Remembrance Day services, either in their school or in their town’s services. The cadets are taught to demonstrate respect to military members who went to war and for the ones that never returned.
There are many scholarships that the Cadets can work for to better their education.
Scholarships such as power pilot, glider pilot, Aerospace Camp, International travel, technical training such as Airport Operations and Air Craft maintenance.
With help from the officers the Cadets can apply and if they are chosen to go to free camps to continue their Cadet training in whatever field interests them. These camps range from 2 weeks (basic), 3 weeks (level one) to 6 weeks (advanced) training courses.
Cadets also has a music training program for military or pipe band. They meet Cadets from all over Canada at these courses and learn valuable life skills and gain friendships.
Some Cadets such as Chris Hadfield and Marc Garneau become astronauts. Others might not go to the stars but become one like George Canyon or teach kids the fundamentals in other ways as Fred Penner did. Whatever they do in their future they have a strong background in what it takes to become what they want. Would you believe that 66 per cent of commercial airline pilots in Canada today are former Air Cadets?
We need people to volunteer to help our Cadets to do all of this training. Without these officers, we cannot do anything. We are in need of people in our community to support, assist and teach our Cadets.
Please contact Annette Allen at (H) 403-578-2752 or (C) 403-575-0997 for more information.


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