Are we losing our water rights without our knowledge or approval?

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Dear Editor,
Please review the attached Water Act Approval Licence DAUT0013330. This is a Government of Alberta issued Water Act Licence to a developer giving them access and control over several thousand acres of water and vegetation without landowner consultation or approval.

This licence was issued at the discretion of the Government of Alberta and Designated Director under the Water Act, Angela Fulton.

Landowners have found additional similar licences issued without landowner knowledge or approval.
I asked my MLA. He provided no answer.

I asked the Farmers Advocate Office. They provided no explanation.

I asked Alberta Agriculture. They advised. ‘Yes, this developer has been granted access to surface water without notification or landowner approval. I shouldn’t be concerned. I should trust my government and this developer.’
They then asked. How can we help you to find more water?

Are we losing our water rights and access to surface water without our knowledge or approval to our Provincial Government for industrial development in a time of water shortage and in an agriculture crisis?

Ask your MLA. A former Agriculture Minister, current Finance Minister and cattle producer.

Why would you give other cattlemen’s water away without consultation or approval?

Is it time for pitch forks, clubs and broom sticks?

Happy calving. Protect your water.
Paintearth County Resident
Dwayne Felzien

Water Act Approval Licence for developer.


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