Archery Team embarks on African adventure: Canadian all-stars prepare for world tournament

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Megan Schrijver (16) beside the target after shooting a perfect 50 points. The photo was taken in December at a practice. ECA Review/Submitted

Megan Schrijver (16) spends part of her days shooting 100 arrows to prepare for the Africa Genesis Archery (AGA) World Tournament. Schrijver is from the Stettler area and has always lived here.

The Canadian International National Archery in Schools Program team is made up of 32 students, with four other students coming from the Wm. E. Hay Nockbusters archery team. There are also 16 adults on the adult and alumni team, including Jessa Heatherington, assistant coach.

The team was selected from the best archers, but consistency matters when it comes to archery, Schrijver explained. The coach was looking for archers who could consistently shoot the same score.

“The all-star team has 16 of the best archers, but now they’re looking for consistency. Because all 16 [archers] matter,” Schrijver said.

The team practices twice a week and is also expected to practice when they are home, but she said her favourite part of archery is the fun days.

“We do all sorts of games with the targets like we play colours where we have to get one in each colour,” Schrijver said. “Or we have someone behind us, we give them their bows spin around a few times and then see how we can shoot the centre.”

The team leaves in July and will spend time in Cape Town exploring Africa before competing in the tournament in Johannesburg.

“Thursday, I shot my highest at 289, that made my week,” Schrijver said. “I’m excited for the tournament, it’s going to be fun.”

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