Approaching subject from a ‘place of ignorance’

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Dear Editor,

Often times I have found it necessary to dish out another plate of crow for myself because I have disagreed with someone whose knowledge of a subject I am arguing about is far greater than mine.

I refer to this failure as approaching the subject from a “place of ignorance”.

I don’t think I have ever observed as many examples among so called experts, the media, the governments as well as the common joe that have engaged in doing just this.

The old saying “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts” applies to most of us these days as we glibly comment on all sorts of current problems of our world.

Never was this more evident than at the protest held by probably the most ignorant people I have ever seen in my lifetime as they demonstrated against the so called racist citizens of Innisfail about two weeks ago.

This event was not covered by the media other than the Rebel, which has been scorned and discredited by most of the news outlets as well as others in Canada, but at least they covered this sham of a protest.

It seems whenever questions are asked of protesters, most refuse to answer thus leaving us to wonder just what their purpose is in engaging in such an activity.

There has been a suspicion for some time now that a good majority of protesters are simply paid to appear here, there and everywhere protesting whatever is the popular thought of the day.

Today’s most popular subject is, of course, the racist behaviour of white people, not just in Canada but all over the world, it seems.

What I would like to know is how much history, data or statistics back up these accusation and how many of the press or the general public knows anything about, say the Civil War in the United States or the many battles fought between various indigenous tribes of the past? Or bring it up to date, how many blacks are killed by blacks in the city of Chicago every year without any being brought to justice?

My next question would be: When will the punishment of the guilty be enough to satisfy the victims?

How can any human being pay a greater price than the sacrifice of their own life?

Should they include the sacrifice of wife and children as well? Would that satisfy the howling crowds?

When a white policeman kills a black man and is sentenced to either death or life imprisonment, is it necessary that every policeman go to jail or be killed in retribution?

Should our laws be set aside in order to allow those whose method is violence, looting and destruction to take over?

The purpose of any government is to protect the people, to prevent anarchy and to punish those who break the law.

If we consider how onesided our federal government has been when demonstrations took place a few months ago in order to shut down the pipeline being built in British Columbia and stop the trains from running west from Manitoba and Ontario, one has to wonder just where law and order or fairness actually lives.

It just may be time for all of us to spend some time learning and investigating the details of history instead of simply operating from a place of ignorance, then perhaps we will have the ammunition needed to counter those who are busy spreading lies and fables and playing the part of a victim.


Faye Pearson,

Stettler, Alta.

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