Apologize for absolutely everything

Dear Editor,
I’ve come to the conclusion that some thins are so stupid, they are stupid.
A couple of things that happened in the last few weeks led me to that conclusion.
One was the tempest in a teapost about the Cleveland Indian’s name and how offensive it was.
Here we have a team that is playing in the World Series and somehow a group of people find their name offensive,
Then the tempest in a thimble that occurred in Canada about a youngster dressing up for Halloween and wearing of all things, an Indian costume.
This also proved offensive to some.
I could not help but wonder if any others are offended when a person from the First Nations community dresses up in cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jeans and a checkered shirt!
The final straw was when I read about Leonardo ‘Chinook’ DiCaprio, Hollywood climate change guru now producing a film called “Before the Flood” which deals with the terrible effects of climate change.
No doubt he was highly influenced by his time spent on the Titanic, looking out over all that water and ice!
He states: “I really wanted to do this fiom and put this science in a layman’s perspective.”
Really?  I hope he has made arrangements with the gay community to borrow their rainbow because I;m pretty sure God doesn not rent His out.
After steaming around the house for a day or two, I came up with a wonderful solution to all these problems.
Since all that offended people want, regardless of what they are offended about, is an apology (you know it’s never about the money) why don’t all we whities take one on the chin, and do just that.  My plan would involve a day set aside once a week where everyone over 50 would wear a white T-shirt embroidered with this message:  “Yes, I’m white and I apologize for absolutely everything”.
Not only should this satisfy every offended person, it would also free up time in the classroom because our impressionable children and grandchildren would not have to apologize every morning for something that occurred in the 1800’s.
The brainwashing could cease.
We also could lobby, whoever one lobbies, to have certain communities renamed in order to erase the memory of say, David Thompson, Father Lacombe, Alexander MacKenzie and dear old Queen Victoria.
All of this would be supplemented by a quarterly meeting patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous where we acknowledge our sins against humanity, promised to never idle our vehicles or set our thermostats higher than 15 degrees Celsius, refrain from criticizing the wind turbines that dot our landscape, and be sure to use our green boxes.
Well, as I said at the beginning, some things are so stupid, they are stupid!
Faye Pearson
Stettler, Ab.

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