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Dear Editor,
Not much has changed since I graduated from high school in 1978.  Either you went to the grad party or if you didn’t drink you stayed at home with a few friends to celebrate.  Since I grew up with an alcoholic father I had made the personal choice not to drink.   I always wanted my kids to have other options for their graduation celebration.
In 2010 seven Coronation high school grads decided that they wanted to have a Dry Grad party.  We put on a big party out at Zinger’s Barn with a live band, paintball, fireworks, lots of food and prizes but as many of you remember it snowed on graduation day.
It was shortly after gradation 2010 that we started talking about taking my daughter’s graduation class (2013) to Disneyland.
Five Coronation Grade 12 students decided they wanted to be a part of this Dry Grad Trip.  Caylen Belcourt, Gerene Cole, Kaden Kopas, Brandon Symons and Lihan Tolmie were all committed to raise $1000 each to cover the cost of the trip.
We had a Lasagna supper at Coronation Evangelical Free Church and a Lasagna Lunch at Brownfield Baptist Church.  At these two events we auctioned off desserts that were made by the grads and their parents.   We sold Coffee and collected bottles and with some generous donations raised more than enough money for our trip.
After the Graduation ceremonies on Saturday, May 25 we left for Edmonton at midnight.  Five grads and six parents. With only a couple hours of sleep we headed off to the airport and flew to Los Angeles.  To everyone’s surprise Brenda and I had booked a stretch limo for the trip from the airport to the hotel.
After checking into our hotel, and some of us taking a well needed shower, we spent the rest of Sunday afternoon and evening in Disneyland.  Monday was spent in California Adventure and Tuesday we spent the whole day in Disneyland while stopping for an early supper at the Rain Forrest Cafe to celebrate Caylen’s 18th birthday.
We had so much fun.  We walked a lot, went on some rides, we shopped, we ate some good food and some not so good food, went on some more rides and then we walked some more.  The weather was great and we sure laughed a lot.
The Dry Grad Group would like to thank everyone who supported our trip and would like to encourage other grad classes in the future to consider their options in celebrating this great achievement in their lives.
Terry Belcourt, Coronation, Alberta

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