Another good strong year: auditor

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures 10 kilowatt Solar PV system in Morrin Alberta at the water plant installed by Goose Creek Renewable Energy.
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Auditor Monica Faupel, CPA, CA of Endeavor Chartered Accountants presented the Village of Morrin Audited Financial Statements for 2016  showing a “healthy surplus” of $357,661 in unrestricted surplus;  and $350,428 in restricted surplus.
The restricted surpluses are: $8,918 in Operating Contingency; $52,513 in Administration, $43,721 in Protective Services, $40,000 in Common and Equipment pool; $178,738 in Water Supply and Distribution; $15,952 in Wastewater treatment and disposal; and $10,586 in Parks and Recreation. Faupel noted that council has the ability to redesignate these amounts.
Equity in tangible capital assets is $4,247,430.
“Just under $5 million” said Monica,  in accumulated surplus, an increase over 2015 of $973,716.
Salary and benefits for 2016 outlined in the Financial Statements were: Mayor Lacher, $3,350, an increase of  $600 over 2015; Deputy Mayor MacLeod $2,150, an increase of $1050 over 2015; Coun. Bremer $1,600, an increase of $850.
The Chief Admininstrative Officer (CA0) showed a one per cent increase to $77,419 for salary, benefits and allowances.
“Another good strong year,” stated Faupel.
When Faupel opened the meeting to questions from those present, on a question regarding legal fees, Faupel stated that legal fees and auditor’s expenses were categorized as one lump sum of $25,450.65 over 2015 of $25,053.53, an increase of $397. Faupel offered to provide the break down should the resident wish for them.

Out of the Cold Animal Rescue
Allison Fotheringham of Out of the Cold Animal Rescue presented a verbal report to council stating she had received mutiple phone calls from residents regarding a Bull dog and Pug always being out and having damaged some property.
She also raised concerns that she had “caught it myself but it attacked me” adding other concerns of threats by people. She stated she was threatened and the perpetrator followed her to her home.
“Just call me,” said CAO Plachner, “it it [threats] happens again.”
“Some people are very grateful” for your work, stated Mayor Lacher.
“You are doing an effective job,” stated resident, John Siemens, “and we appreciate it.”
Fotheringham noted she had rescued and was caring for 11 kittens so far this year and six last year saying “they’d be roaming the streets, otherwise”.

Other business
In the public works report it was noted that the new flags are up and work would be done on the playground when public works foreman, Dave Benci gets his summer help.
It was also noted that Benci had spent quite a few hours chasing the dog mentioned in Fotheringham’s earlier report.
The Minister of Municipal Affairs notified the Village office that it would not be necessary to hold a by-election to fill the vacant seat of the late Al Bremer, as all municipal elections are scheduled for this fall.
A development application by a resident for a detached storage garage was approved by council providing setbacks are met, land-use bylaws and approved by the Palliser Planning Commission.
In old business, council discussed the Declaration signed by Howard Helton regarding the use of town staff and equipment for personal use by Deputy Mayor MacLeod and the CAO.
“The village backhoe unit has never been on my property,” stated Coun. MacLeod.
“I want to see pictures,” said CAO Plachner, “and I want to know which snow clearing machine, when we have three of them.”
The signed Declaration Under Oath stated that Helton had witnessed on Jan. 5, 2015, the Village of Morrin foreman, Steven Panisiak, travel with the Village snow clearing machine specifically to clear snow from the front walk of Annette Plachner and that no other sidewalks were cleared on that block.
It went on to swear that Helton had witnessed the foreman travel with the Village backhoe unit on May 7, 2015 to remove private waste from the yard of Coun. MacLeod to the waste bins provided by the Village.

Requests denied
A media request by email for including the minutes of the May 4 Special Meeting, the 2017 Budget, the public works report, the Monthly Financial Statements, and a copy of the bylaw that covers meetings was denied by CAO Plachner in a follow-up phone call on May 28.
“I’m not giving you anything so don’t even ask,” stated Plachner.

Special Meeting
Council held a Special Meeting on May 4 to meet with Public Works Dave Benci, according to the minutes, to discuss any repair issues in the Village including the break in the water line from the playground discharge line, and the cracks in the Village pumphouse wall.
It was noted in the minutes that paint was once purchased to paint the wall but is not in the Village shop.
Discussion also took place regarding young children going on the roof of the pump house.
Public works will order no trespassing signs and keyed locks will be put on all Village properties including the shop and garage doors.

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