Annual Cereal kid’s rodeo

The pony racing team of Corbin MacMillan, Kennedi MacMillan and Andi Powell were one of several groups who competed in the second annual Cereal kid’s rodeo in Cereal on Aug. 28.  ECA Review/Submitted


The 2nd Annual Cereal kid’s rodeo was again a fun, successful day for every family who came out.  Although Sun., Aug. 28 was a cold, windy day you couldn’t wipe the smiles off the faces of the more than 80 little cowboys and cowgirls who brought their ponies and horses out to enjoy a day of competition and cheering each other on.
The morning kicked off with Evy Miller singing our national anthem while Jensyn Duque and her pony Tinkerbell proudly flew the Canada Flag.
The Pee Wees  (ages 7 and under) ran their events in the morning in a divided arena for twice the spectator fun.  Roughstock events provided some lunch hour entertainment, then the juniors (ages 8 – 11), intermediate (12 – 15) and seniors (16 – 18) competed throughout the afternoon.
The rodeo offered the same events as last year, and one new crowd pleaser – milk cow calf riding.  Twenty-one kids signed on to cover these calves, but after the first cowboy out, Cole Johnson (Veteran), landed on his head, at least five contestants turned out of the event.
About 20 sheep riders got the job done for a payout of a loonie and a freezie, but many needed a hot chocolate in one hand to get through their cold treat.
Most grandparents and spectators watched from the coziness of their vehicles, and parents stayed warm running the patterns with their kids or helping organize the chaos of children.
Everyone enjoyed the range of size and abilities of both the riders and their horses, from the tiniest of cowboys and cowgirls to the older teenagers with a need for speed.  Mounts ranged from sweet little miniature horses to half draft horses that thundered down the arena.
Every child performed at their very best level, cheered on their fellow competitors, and enjoyed their horses, their friends and their day.
Cereal Athletic Association and the rodeo committee sure appreciates everyone that just steps in and does what needs to be done to keep the event rolling smoothly.  DEMSA volunteers, Carter Link and Shelli Tattrie helped the day run safely, and we were grateful that it was a ‘two-bandaid kind of day.’
Announcer April Haeg kept the crowd informed and called encouragement from her chilly vantage point.  The volunteer booth crew kept the crowd warm with great food and hot coffee, and countless volunteers kept the arena and office running smoothly.

Pee Wee results
Barrels – Keely Pugh, William Hale, Georgia Howe and Theryn Olsen
Thread the Needle – Kennedi MacMillan, Keely Pugh, Dexter Miller and Theryn Olsen
Pole Bending – Keely Pugh, Theryn Olsen, Georgia Howe and Dexter Miller
Goat Undecorating – Trip Warburton, Keely Pugh, Trypp Pugh and Keaton Duque

Junior results
Barrels – Alyssa Maffenbeier, Veronica Pedersen, Dylan Beasley and Natalie Whittmack
Thread the Needle – Alyssa Maffenbeier, Veronica Pedersen, Faith Kurbis and Cole Johnson
Pole Bending – Veronica Pedersen, Natalie Whittmack, Lane Johnson and Faith Kurbis
Goat Tying – Veronica Pedersen, Corbin MacMillan, Keldon Powell and Cole Johnson
Goat Undecorating – Alyssa Maffenbeier, Dalton Powell, Dylan Beasley and Trista/Ryder Greenslade

Intermediate results
Barrels – Cassidy Maffenbeier, Morgan Kiemele, Jacelyn Pedersen and Hailey Wilson
Thread the Needle – Jace Powell, Morgan Kiemele,Spencer MacMillan andCassidy Maffenbeier
Pole Bending – Jacelyn Pedersen, Cassidy Maffenbeier, Jace Powell and Morgan Kiemele
Goat Tying –Cassidy Maffenbeier, Jace Powell, Jacelyn Pedersen, Hailey Wilson

Senior results
Barrels – Taylor Marr, Averie Lum, Codie Lum
Thread the Needle –Taylor Marr, Codie Lum
Pole Bending – Taylor Marr, Averie Lum and Codie Lum
Goat Tying – Averie Lum, Codie Lum and Taylor Marr
Wild Pony Race
1st: Wittmack Team (Natalie Wittmack, Jacy Wittmack and Cora Smith)
2nd: Pedersen Team (Morgan Kiemele, Faith Kurbis, Vern Pedersen)
3rd: Wagstaff Team (Hannah Wagstaff, Haley Wagstaff and Taylor Mashon)
4th: Bandits (Lane Johnson, Brynn Scoville, Kaden Kurek)

Calf Riding
Kale MacMillan, Dylan Beasley, Hannah Wagstaff and Ryder Greenslade.

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