Anderson wins Forestburg Community Service Award

Forestburg council made the unanimous decision at their regular meeting on Dec. 14 to honour Jim Anderson with the 2017 Community Service Award.
Jim has shown a lifetime of dedication to his community and various local associations.
“Jim has dedicated his life to this community and those living in it,“ shared his nominator. “The value he adds to this community cannot be measured but it should be acknowledged and appreciated.”

Gas rate changes
Council has passed the first and second readings regarding changes to the Gas Utility Operations and Rates bylaw. Changes proposed include the capital fund being reduced from $0.30 per gigajoule to $0.20 per gigajoule, and the monthly service charge increasing to $35.50 from $27.
The anticipated yearly increase will be $102, on average.
“This gives us a more steady source of income because we charge that monthly fee whether they use gas or not,” explained Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Debra Moffatt.
“This will balance out the revenue from consumption to monthly fees.”

Water, sewer and garbage rate
Coun. Dwayne Giroux motioned for administration to revisit the proposed changes to the Water, Sewer and Garbage Rates bylaw.
The proposed would see no change in water rates and only a $0.50 increase in monthly sewer maintenance fees. Much discussion arose from the administrations proposed idea to add a monthly charge to garbage bins.
There are 26 bins located in Forestburg, all rented on contract.
Council members discussed whether the current contracts already address the new proposed charge. CAO Moffatt is to look in to verification of what the contract does and does not include.
Mayor Blaize Young shared his distaste for the proposed rate changes. Owning multiple business and employing nearly a dozen individuals, he sympathizes with business owners and believes increases could hurt small businesses.
Administration will revisit the bylaw and suggest options, which include no bin charge and phasing the cost in.

Emily Wheller
ECA Review

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