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Sylvianne and Mark Johnson were out driving one afternoon toward the end of August when they spotted an unconventional sight and thought to take a photo. The image – that of a man biking down a country road with a makeshift trailer – was quite unique indeed, and the two decided to send the picture to local news media for a gander.
The ECA Review reached out to the owner/operator of the creative vehicle; Travis Grabill from Castor. When the picture was taken, he was hauling a myriad of items to the Castor dump.
“There was a couch on top with recliners on each side, a double mattress folded up, and a broken-up entertainment stand inside,” says Grabill of the items he was carrying that day. “I figure that load was at least 250 pounds.” Grabill says the highest weight he’s carried was around 900 pounds.
He said the idea for the design came when he was living in Camrose about 10 years ago, where he purchased a two-by-two foot trailer for delivery jobs. “I went on my computer, got my paints or whatever, and just figured I’d design a bigger trailer,” Grabill says. He says he’s not required much maintenance to keep it – or his bike – in good condition for driving since then.
Grabill says he has another design in mind for the future; that of a larger-model truck trailer – seven feet in length, three feet wide and kid-friendly. “It’s going to have bucket seats [to fit] two kids and the doors are going to be able to open like regular vehicle doors,” says Grabill.
Despite winter’s prompt arrival, Grabill says he’s not planning on changing his biking habits when the snow flies.

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