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Dear Editor,

I await eagerly the arrival of the ECAR [East Central Alberta Review newspaper] so I can be amused by the mayor and council’s antics in what seems to be an on-going saga of he-said, she-said.

When I received volume 108 #48 [Nov. 28 issue] and saw the headline, ‘Morrin Mayor is flipped the bird’, I immediately thought it was referring to ‘tweeting’.

As I delved into the article and read that the library secretary “went out of his way to attract the attention” of the Mayor, as the Mayor was volunteering, it was then that I concluded that I was wrong in my assumption that ‘tweeting’ was involved.

It had to be a game of charades complete with action.

As a resident of the ‘Heart of Alberta’, I was pleased to read several years ago that the municipal council’s of Stettler County and the Town of Stettler kissed, made up and love and totally respect one another.

In conclusion, I would ask the Morrin council to carry on and keep entertaining all of middle Alberta!


Boyd A. Bell

Stettler, Alta

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