Amisk C-Store experiences estimated $30,000 destruction in break-in

Burglars broke into the Amisk C-Store on Sun. Nov. 22. Photos courtesy of Bill Rock
Written by Terri Huxley

Burglars broke into the Amisk C-Store on Sun. Nov. 22. Photos courtesy of Bill Rock

The Amisk C-Store was broken into on Sunday morning at approximately 4:04 a.m.

Security footage showed two men stealing an assortment of food products before leaving a trail of destruction in their wake equating between $20,000 and $30,000.

Owners Bill and Kim Rock shared that the robbers took a box of Kinder Eggs, some beef jerky, sandwiches, and pop all for approximately $200 worth in products overall.

The truck used was stolen out of Lamont. RCMP arrived within 40 minutes of the owners calling.

“Is this going to be the new normal, is it?” said Bill.

Kim added, “The worst part is the damage [rather] than what they are taking. Not that it should be a comparison but it’s costing us as business owners so much more. Not even our costs but also our downtime. We are shut down until we can get structural issues fixed.

Amisk C-Store employs 14 people and the Rocks are feeling the pressure as this could not come at a worse time with Christmas around the corner.

“The police have been absolutely wonderful. So all these people who bash the cops for doing their job – that’s not the truth. They are doing whatever they can. Their hands are tied and they are doing everything in their power to help. And they are just as ticked off as we are,” said Kim.

The pair are frustrated by the situation.

“It’s beyond frustrating,” said Bill.

“I’m tired of hearing ‘this will be the new norm’ or ‘this is the way it’s going to go’. 

People are out of work. If they had come to me and needed food, I would give them all the food we have,” added Kim.

The owners shared that both levels of government have reached out to help including MP Damien Kurek and MLA Nate Horner.


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