Amendment to Bylaw

Many people have been confused when it comes to the terms “incamera” and “out of camera” when it comes to council meetings.

As a way to alleviate this confusion, CAO White brought the procedural bylaw to the table at the regular Alix council meeting on Feb. 6, 2019 where Council could review the terms.

Councillors and staff have been approached by residents before about the meaning.

They agreed to replace the term “incamera” with “closed meeting” to help the public understand the agenda more thoroughly.

“Be confused no more,” said Mayor Fehr.

Any in-camera or closed meeting session is a time for council, staff and possibly other parties to talk about issues that may be harmful to one or more if discussed in the public eye.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) allows specific reasons like personnel, legal and land issues to be discussed behind closed doors.

Traffic bylaw

A 20-year-old bylaw has come to the surface after two updates to the MGA among other items have prompted a change.

There were minimal references to recreation vehicles, trailers and heavy truck parking and some sections within the bylaw were in contradiction with the current land use bylaw making enforcement difficult.

The bylaw has been sent to Lacombe County Bylaw Enforcement to see if the fines associated and rules outlined can be enforced.

The definition of Fire Lane was added instead of the use of ‘fire’ when it comes to covering emergency services.

A Buffer Strip is considered the space between two properties so Council felt it was important to add this in to add clarity to the definition.

This bylaw will be brought back for review at a later council meeting after councillors gather input from residents on how they feel about the possible amendments.


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