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Taylor Rowland and Kennedy Bagshaw singing and playing ukuleles during a beautiful duet performance at the Theresetta Talent Show on Fri. May 3. ECA Review/Submitted
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Taylor Rowland and Kennedy Bagshaw singing and playing the ukulles during a beautiful duet performance at the Theresetta Talent Show on Fri. May 3. ECA Review/Submitted

Theresetta ended April and began May by celebrating Education Week! Students and staff took part in little events throughout the week of April 29 to May 3.

This year’s national theme was “Learning is a Journey” and Theresetta celebrated their individual journey’s and their education together in multiple ways.

First up was the teachers presenting at the weekly assembly on Mon. Apr.29 about their journeys to becoming a teacher, why they love working at Theresetta, and their favourite part of being a teacher – most mentioning that “aha moment” students experience when learning something new.

Next up was the student presentation on Tuesday that was all about expressing what the students thought about their learning opportunities at Theresetta and why their education is important to them.

Thursday was School Colours Day with students dressing up in their best blue and white ensembles, some even going the extra mile to paint their faces or add colour to their hair!

On Friday, Education Week 2019 was wrapped up by the school coming together for a No-Talent (required) Talent Show!

All classes put in a group talent and there were a dozen additional individual and group talents presented.

Who knew Theresetta has so many amazing talents!?

The school got to see performances which included self-created piano pieces, beautiful guitar and ukulele playing, amazing singing, talented juggling, skilled pogo stick jumping, smooth recorder playing, quick skip rope jumping, energetic cheerleading and side-cracking jokes.

Theresetta students Hailey Rowland, Boston Slemp, Benjamin Zimmermann, Tessa Beaumont and Leah Boxma at the Paintearth Lodge in Castor, Alta. on May 6, explaining to the crowd all about the history and purpose of Music Monday before the music classes performed multiple group and individual pieces. ECA Review/Submitted

The teachers ended off the show with a surprise performance of their amusing air-guitar skills to a headbanging AC/DC song!

On Mon. May 6, the Theresetta music classes joined thousands of students across Canada in celebration of Music Monday.

This is an event planned by The National Coalition for Music in order to promote the importance of music education in schools.

The focal point is a specific song that is chosen as the Music Monday anthem.

Then all schools who have registered to participate learn the song and prepare to perform it at approximately the same time all across Canada.

This year’s song was called, “Hymn to Freedom” by Canadian composer Oscar Peterson.

Theresetta’s Music Monday celebration took place in the morning at the Paintearth Lodge and it included group performances with rhythm instruments, recorders, bucket drums and ukuleles.

Several students also performed individual guitar and piano pieces.



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