Amateur sports live streaming services for Coronation

Written by Cheryl Bowman

A representative from LiveBarn gave a virtual presentation to council on their local live sports stream service at the June 13 regular meeting.

LiveBarn is a live streaming and on-demand amateur sports broadcasting service that operates across North America and Sweden.

The agreement between Coronation and Live Barn would be over a six year term. An unmanned camera broadcasting system would be provided and installed for free with Coronation being responsible for providing a reliable internet connection.

Subscriptions for the service are at standard and premium levels with 30 per cent of each subscription returning to Coronation through a code that will provide users with a 10 per cent discount.

This service would allow family members of local sports players to watch games live, generate highlight clips, accommodate private viewings and at the premium level allow users to save match recordings.

Renovations needed
The Minor Sports and Recreation board are asking for approval to improve conditions of bathrooms and the construction of new cooking facilities.

After a very successful fundraising event garnering $12,500, a delegation appeared before council to discuss renovations for the baseball diamond and the creation of a skidded kitchen for the diamond and rodeo grounds.

One hundred twenty minor league players would regularly use these facilities and there are plans for Coronation to host a provincial tournament. Minor Sports and Recreation would like to have these facilities completed before then.

There is still discussion about the cost of a new kitchen skid, but the estimated amount for the bathrooms would be $1,500 – $1,700.

Neighbourhood watch
RCMP and locals appeared before council to present their interest in forming a neighbourhood watch program in Coronation.
Council discussed with the representatives the different volunteer programs but it was suggested to form a Citizens On Patrol program (COP).

The COP program will have citizens working with law enforcement. These groups will also be assigned a liaison officer who will work alongside volunteers.

COP members will work with the RCMP and effectively serve as additional eyes and ears for the community to help keep it a safer place.

Water tower lights
Council discussed the progress on the water tower light project.
Due to winds in the area, the project has been halted and will continue when the winds die down so the work can safely continue.

A total of $14,000 has been spent and the project is currently $7,000 over budget. Council moved to apply for MSI funding to allocate additional funds for the project.

Local refugee family
Town staff received a phone call from a resident asking about swimming passes for the community pool for their family residing in the area.

Family of the resident are refugees who managed to evacuate from the conflict in Ukraine and are residing in Brownfield and Coronation.

Town staff inquired if it would be possible for the family to be donated passes for the season which would cost $250. This idea was brought forward by the town recreation department.

Council moved to accept and approve the request and granted the family a swimming pass for the 2022 season.

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